Spelling Issues

There have been some questions about spelling and spell checking in the OWA.

Depending on your browser, you experience may vary slightly, but generally you have one or both of the following options:

Your browser might display the misspelled words as you type, like it shows here or





It waits until you are ready to send and then tells you like this

Either way, you just right click the misspelled word and it shows you alternatives.  Choose one, and you’re on your way.  🙂


Firefox Issues – updated

Update – Firefox is now in version 26 and everything prior is considered dangerous and insecure.  There are some things which will only work in Firefox on campus and some things which will work everywhere but Firefox. The best advice I can give is to try the different browsers you have on hand before admitting defeat.  There are also some email related settings that will only work in a recent version of IE with the S/MIME controls active, but if you don’t have those options, you probably won’t realize you’re missing any.

I am verifying user reports here that the spell check controls are missing if you are using Firefox  to access the OWA.?  This has been confirmed in Firefox versions 3.6.? and 10 both.  However, the default settings are to automatically check your email for spelling, so this may not be a problem to you.  I don’t believe it spell checks your subject line either way.  If someone finds any different let me know.

From what I’m reading, although the mail client functions on nearly every browser known to man, certain “premium” features only work in IE at this time.   Sorry folks

Further information:

Update 022812 2:45

Chrome is also missing the control.  For chrome lovers who are familiar with the “IE Tab,” this makes the OWA work exactly as it does in IE.  (This includes if you have any settings in IE that would break the OWA, like blocking popups)

Update 022812 3:05

Firefox also supports IE Tab. Version 2 seems to work fine with Firefox 10

These options are all fun but since the default is to scan for spelling anyway, I am turning them all back off on my machine because I don’t need any extra junk.