Scams, Telephone, email and web

We are experiencing an increase in the number of incidents where a person has given away their information or allowed someone access to their computer or installed an unknown application because someone told them to do it, either in an email or an internet pop-up or lately via telephone.

Please don’t fall for this.  If you receive any communications, whatever the source, indicating a need for you to provide information or change something on your computer to correct a problem, do not do it.  Contact Bill about the situation.  We would rather be sure.

Tech Support Phone Scams ARE occurring

Avoid tech support phone scams!


Security in the 21st century – you’ve got to ask yourself one question…

 Do I feel lucky?

This question made famous by Dirty Harry is equally valid if you don’t care enough to use a secure password.  John Pozadzides writes an excellent article about the issue linked below.  Note the chart that shows how putting up with a couple more characters or a capital letter makes it so much harder to get your password: