Scams, Telephone, email and web

We are experiencing an increase in the number of incidents where a person has given away their information or allowed someone access to their computer or installed an unknown application because someone told them to do it, either in an email or an internet pop-up or lately via telephone.

Please don’t fall for this.  If you receive any communications, whatever the source, indicating a need for you to provide information or change something on your computer to correct a problem, do not do it.  Contact Bill about the situation.  We would rather be sure.

Tech Support Phone Scams ARE occurring

Avoid tech support phone scams!



What is TrueYou?

TrueYou is where you manage your authentication information, such as changing your password and answering your authentication questions as well as managing your parent/guest accounts for the Student Information System.

The NU ID and password you use to access TrueYou is also accepted in the Student Information Systems, SAP, and Firefly systems at all University campuses (UNK, UNL, UNMC and UNO) and State Colleges (Peru State College, Chadron State College and Wayne State College).

If you have questions or need assistance, contact your Campus Helpdesk listed below:

University of Nebraska Kearney 308-865-8363
University of Nebraska-Lincoln 402-472-3970
University of Nebraska Medical Center 402-559-2899
University of Nebraska Omaha 402-554-4357
University of Nebraska Central Admin 877-472-7694
Chadron State College 308-432-6311
Peru State College 402-872-2270
Wayne State College 402-375-7107