More examples of phishing and viruses

All Eppley users,

Do not ever type your ID and password into any system that you are not 100% certain is our system.  If you receive an email telling you to confirm your account, or that there was suspicious activity that requires you to log on and prove you are you, they are FAKE and they are designed to steal your identity.  You can see some examples below.  If you are not positive, contact Eppley Computing Services before you do it and we will help you determine

phishing scam 001
phishing scam 002




I’m new. What’s my password?

An initial password is automatically assigned to all new network and email ID’s.  The password for both is the same and the instructions for how the password is generated are below:

The initial password for this account has been generated using pieces of information known to the user.

The initial password format is as follows:
lowercase first letter of legal first name followed by
lowercase first two letters of last name followed by
first three letters of birth month (first letter uppercase, second and third letter lowercase) followed by
numeric day of birth (2 numbers – proceed single number dates with a zero) The initial password is set such that it must be changed on original login.

Password Examples
Robert Smith who was  born on November 8 would be rsmNov08
Mary Jones who was born on July 25 would be mjoJul25
John O’Leary who was born on April 1 would be jolApr01