Addressing a mail to multiple people using the global address book

When you are making an email and need to address it to multiple people who you need to look up in the Global Address Book, click on To:

Type all of part of a name in the box at the top, where you see I typed goodrich in the picture below and then click on the magnifying glass to the right of that to search (or hit enter).

Find the result you need in the list of results and click on it once, so it’s highlighted like my address is in the list (yellow selection)  You can then click on either To, Cc, or Bcc down below to add them to one of those.


Then type another name in the top box and hit enter to search again.  Repeat the steps above, selecting the specific person from the results and adding them to the Message Recipients lines until you have everyone.  Then hit OK

How do I send to more than one person?

We talked in a previous post about easiest ways to address an email.  You can read that post here if you missed it.  The question now is, what if I want to send the email to more than one person.

If you are using the type the person’s name in the blank method mentioned you can hit enter as soon as the email program shows the full name of the first person you are typing and then start typing the next name.

You can of course, still use the address book function and keep finding and adding people that way, but it’s more work than this way if you know the first and last name of who you want to email.