Group Calendars

Reserving a time on shared resources

It’s really the same as any other calendar entry.  You go to the calendar, and double click an empty spot to open the meeting dialogue box. 

  1. On the very top line, choose which calendar you are adding to
  2. Put your name and the floor you’re reserving on the next line. 
  3. Make sure there are NO attendees listed unless you need to let a specific person know about the reservation. Do not include the group ever.
  4. Choose the date and time you are reserving
  5. Choose Save at the top, below the calendar name

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Making a new Email group / Contact List

OK, this one is easy as pie.  All you have to do to make a new group that you can email to by choosing the group name instead of each person is this:

Go to your contacts, and choose New, Group





This brings up this window here, where you can type in the name you want to call the group.  The names of the people you want in the group, and then hit Add to Group.  The window changes to look like this:

The people you chose are added to the list below and you are ready to hit Save and Close to save the list.