Reminder about printers

We here at Eppley try our best to make a fleet of quality printers available for the use of our  faculty, staff and researchers.  As a result, we have more than 20 printers that we support.

Please read this reminder:

  1. Toner for these printers is expensive and the printers print hundreds of pages AFTER they notify you that a particular color is low.  Please do not change the toner until the printer says the toner is OUT.  The light on the printer panel will be RED if it needs help.  Otherwise, don’t feed it please.  Yellow doesn’t count as almost red.
  2. Because of the large number of printers we have, it is inevitable that there would betoner more than one model of printer.  There are currently two main models of printer in use.  Xerox 6180 and 6280. The toner from one type does not fit the other.  We regularly come across brand new cartridges that have been discarded because they have been carried to the wrong type of printer.  If you need a cartridge when there is not one near your printer and we are not immediately available to get you one, make sure the printer you are “stealing” the cartridge from is the same as your printer.  Otherwise, not only will it not fix your toner problem, there is no longer a toner near the printer you took it from.

Thanks for your help with this.