Xerox Printer Errors 116-324

Xerox 116-324 fault when printing .doc or .pdf containing Callibri fonts

You are unable to print .PDF or .DOCX documents which contain Calibri fonts. The Xerox printer gets 116-324 error code and needs to reboot.Resolution:
If you using a PCL driver – disable the Print Optimization feature in the driver. If you are using the PS driver set the PostScript Output Option to Optimize for Portability. (The print file will be larger and printing will take more time.)Another PS driver setting may screw up the text in your PowerPoint slides (as shown on the picture below). It is “PostScript Pass-through”. If you have printouts like on the picture below where the text turns into blocky areas, enable “PostScript Pass-through” (Printing preferences> Advanced> Driver section. )

Error when you open the email client

There are some people who are using the Outlook client and receiving a stream of errors like this one.  You can say yes about six times and continue working but you will have to do it again each time you open your email client.

This was caused by a windows update and removing the update fixes the problem.  At this time, we are uncertain whether the fix is permanent or whether it will return later when the same update occurs.

On a Windows 7 machine we’ve determined what steps to take to remove this update.

Click on the Start button (the colorful one in the bottom left corner) and in the search box type Installed Updates.  Above that box, you should see Window’s suggestions for matches.  Choose the one that says: View Installed Updates.

This will open a new dialogue box with a list of updates.  In the top right corner there is a search box to search the updates list.  Type kb2661254 and it should find it.  Click once on it and then choose Uninstall above it.  When it asks if you are sure, choose Yes.

Drink coffee now.

At this point, the computer will be asking you to restart.  It’s recommended that you make sure all your work is closed and then do it.  After the restart, your errors should be gone.