Connecting to Eppley server resources from a Mac

Over the years, there have been a number of changes in how we connect to the our file servers and printers from the Mac.  Below is a brief overview of the latest recommendations:

From the Mac, in the connect to server box, two things are important

  • Use the FQDN for the server instead of it’s shortname
    •  instead of Epp1
    • instead of Eppapps
  • Use SMB wherever possible
    • Apple stopped supporting the AFP (Apple File Protocol) a couple versions of OS X ago and then added support back
    • In 10.8 SMB didn’t work either, only CIFS
  • On newer file shares, give the entire path as a shortened path will no longer work.
    • smb://\labs\black works where
    • smb:// does not as you don’t have access to the root of the server and the OS no longer allows you to hunt for your shares in many cases.
    • smb://

To connect to resources, go to the top menu and choose GO, then down at the bottom of those choices, choose Connect to server. Fill in the full address of where you need to go.

For additional information not specific to Mac, read this post