Email recovery and document retention

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What happens to my mail when I delete it and can I get it back?

The way the mail deletion process work is this.  An email that’s deleted goes to your deleted items folder.  Simple enough so far.  After 7 days, any item in that folder is removed.  Also if you tell OWA to empty your trash, it is removed.

When the mail is removed from your trash, either manually by you or because it has been there the maximum time, it goes to a hidden folder for 4 days.  At the end of the 4 days it is gone forever and can’t be retrieved short of a court order to restore the entire campus mail system to a certain date as individual accounts are not saved, only the server state.

So,  If you look at the picture here.  You can see the deleted items folder (red arrow) and when you right click the deleted items folder, you can see the hidden folder link called “Recover Deleted Items” (blue arrow).  This lets you access files during that 4 day interval if necessary.