Calendar management – meeting updates

There has been a question about changing the details of a meeting without sending a follow up email to the participants…

There is not a way to make a change to a MEETING that includes other people without SENDING the updated information to them.  There is no such thing as SAVE on a MEETING.  You can make an APPOINTMENT for yourself and make changes and SAVE them, but that is because it is an APPOINTMENT. The second you add an additional person it becomes a MEETING.

This is by design and the way it is supposed to work, not a flaw.  Details below:

When you create an appointment it involves no one but yourself.  The button at the top left is Save as shown below.

When you invite other people, an appointment becomes a meeting and the Save button becomes Send as shown here.

This is by design and automatically changes that meeting information on the other people’s calendars.  This is NOT a difference in how you access the calendar, it is a difference in the type of calendar event.

In the event that an additional person or person(s) need to be added to an existing meeting or if you get a request for another meeting invite from someone who lost the original, open the meeting and then from the Reply drop down choose forward and email it to them again.


There are more instructions that show this difference here.