How to make a link in an email

Making a plain link is easy as all you have to do is type the link and the email program recognizes it for what it is, BUT what if you want to make a link that doesn’t have the same name as the link.

For example, when we say click here, we want you to see and click on the word here and have it take you to somewhere else, like a web page.

No problem at all.  Just type the text you want to have visible and then select it with the mouse, like this:linkhere

Then use the pull down menu to the right of the other formatting to choose the Link icon:


The insert link dialogue pops up.  insertEnter the address of where you would like the email recipient to go when they click on your link.  For example.. to visit the help blog.filledin

Then just hit OK and your link, click here will be complete


FYI-for those who are used to creating links with a keyboard shortcut, they also work here.