Scanning at Eppley

There are a number of multifunction printers and copiers with scanning capability here at Eppley.  Scanning costs nothing and is a fast and efficient way of sending documents from one area to another.  Note:  Proper protocol for scanning to a destination not under your control includes a phone call or email to let the person at that destination know you are sending them a document.  Otherwise, they can hardly be responsible if your scan sits unread.

  • ECI room 2011
    • Konica Bizhub 284e
  • ECI room 2018
    • Xerox MFP-6180
  • ECI room 2020
    • Xerox MFP-6180
  • ECI room 3002
    • HP Pro 200
  • ECI room 3016
    • Xerox MFP-6180
  • DRC 2, room 4066
    • Konica Bizhub 284e

Xerox 6180mfp

On the Xerox Phaser 6180 MFP, to scan:

  1. Select: Scan
  2. Select: Computer network
  3. Select: OK
  4. Select: Scan To
  5. Select: OK
  6. Choose from available destinations: (varies by machine)
    1. Accounting Admin
    2. Secretarial Admin
    3. EPTCTU
    4. etc
  7. Select: Start

Bizhub Icon

On the Konica Bizhub 284e, to scan

  1. Select: Scan Button (bottom left below the touch screen
  2. Select: Destination from address book (varies by machine)
    1. Eppword
    2. Accounting
    3. Barb – HR
  3. Select: Start / Go

HP LJ Pro 200

On the HP Pro 200, to scan

  1. Select: Scan (default destination is already chosen)
  2. Select: Start

Additional network scanning destinations can be added in many cases.  If you have a need for a new scanning destination in your area please contact Bill Goodrich to see if this can be setup.