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The new ID form is below.  It gives instructions for determining your initial password and also some information for what your ID has access to.

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….also see the NEW LOOK FOR OFFICE 365 LOGIN PAGE.  Email login looks different off campus than it does on campus as of May 2019.  More info at the link.

UNMC app

You can download it here:

Connecting to things?

Need Help connecting to network resources (lab folders for example)

Mapping a drive letter:
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Broken computers, lab equipment, furniture?

You can request service for all of those here:

Questions about other computer items?

In the top right corner of this page, type a few words in the search box.  You might be surprised to see other people have had the same question.  There are hundreds of questions here in the blog.  If you don’t see what you need and you still have a question, use the service request, we get them.  Notice it’s also on the top menu bar, like this new user page.