Xerox Printer Errors 116-324

Xerox 116-324 fault when printing .doc or .pdf containing Callibri fonts

You are unable to print .PDF or .DOCX documents which contain Calibri fonts. The Xerox printer gets 116-324 error code and needs to reboot.Resolution:
If you using a PCL driver – disable the Print Optimization feature in the driver. If you are using the PS driver set the PostScript Output Option to Optimize for Portability. (The print file will be larger and printing will take more time.)Another PS driver setting may screw up the text in your PowerPoint slides (as shown on the picture below). It is “PostScript Pass-through”. If you have printouts like on the picture below where the text turns into blocky areas, enable “PostScript Pass-through” (Printing preferences> Advanced> Driver section. )