Oops! I didn’t mean to delete that

So you h̶a̶v̶e̶  had an email, which suddenly seems more important than it did just a moment ago.  It’s been deleted now.  How can we get it back?

There are two levels of Oh no, it can’t be in the OWA.  In the first your message just went to the Deleted Items folder recently and recovering the message is pretty simple and straightforward.

If you go to the Deleted Items folder and then right click the message in the list of messages, you should have a choice near the bottom that says Move to Folder.  If you choose that you will get a list of your email folders to pick from.  Choose a folder and then click on Move

The second case is that you’ve emptied your Deleted Items folder since you deleted the email or it has been more than a week since you deleted it.  In this case it has been temporarily moved to a lower level of “deletedness” which for a short time (4 days) is still retrievable.

If you right click, the Deleted Items folder, you will see that one of the options reads Recover Deleted Items.  Choose this and it will show you a list of recently deleted items. Roughly the last four days worth of deleted items appear here.  If you select an item from this list and then click on the little icon at the top left that looks like a yellow email envelope with a curved arrow on top, it will ask you where you would like to move the email to recover it.