Forwarding Email based on content (or covering while you are gone)

Sometimes, we need to cover certain aspects of our roles when we are not here.  An out of office message often has basic information for what to do, but there is another step we can take to improve the process.  We can create a rule, so that certain emails are forwarded to the person who covers for us.  For example, emails for purchase request authorizations sent to Tom are to have ‘Prepurchase Authorization Request’ in the Subject line.  If you go to Options, See all Options on the rights of OWA and then on the left choose Organize E-Mail.

Then Choose New, Create a new rule for arriving messages:

Then under ‘When the message arrives, and’ Choose It includes the words in the subject if it has a consistent subject line or It was received from, if you need to forward email from a certain person.  Then if you chose the words in the subject option, you enter a word or words and click Add, then OK when you are done.   

under ‘Do the following’, choose what to do.  In this example, we are going to forward those emails to another person who handles them in our absence.  Choose Redirect the Message and then pick the recipient from the address book, click To:, and then OK.

It should look something like this:

Now just choose Save and you have a new rule.  🙂  You can turn this rule on and off by clicking on the check box next to it in the list of rules.