Loading the Citrix Client for OneChart

Carecast and OneChart Users:

If you don’t have an icon for Onechart on your desktop yet, you can follow these steps to manually setup your computer for OneChart.

1.  Open your web browser (preferably Internet Explorer I’ve heard) and navigate to the following address:



2. Enter your username and password and select UNMC for the domain on the page that appears:







3.  Choose detect clients


4.  Download the ICA client for Windows by clicking the Download button

This should download a file with a name similar to this one:



5.  Run it.  There may be a long pause before you see anything happens.

Then on this screen choose whether it succeeded or failed

After a successful load, you should get a screen showing your application options, similar to this one:

Then you should be ready to go.  Book mark this page, so you can get directly to this point later.  This is essentially where the icon on the desktop goes.