Calendar tips from Microsoft

Not all of these tips will look or work exactly like our OWA but most of them should be very close:


Working with Your Calendar

To open your calendar in Outlook Web App, click calendar Calendar in the Navigation Pane. While you’re viewing your calendar, you can double-click a meeting or appointment to open it. After you open an item, you can view details or make changes. If you double-click a repeating item, for example, a weekly meeting, you can choose to open the occurrence (the meeting only on the day you selected) or the whole series (every meeting). For more information about how to work with repeating items, see Repeating Items.

To display dates that aren’t sequential

  1. In the Day view, locate the first day in the date selector, and then click it.
  2. Press CTRL, and then click up to six additional days from any month or year.

Appointments and Meetings

Repeating Items

  • Appointments, meetings, and tasks may be one time occurrences or may repeat. A repeating item is one that appears in your calendar or tasks list multiple times, based on settings you control. For example, a meeting can be configured to repeat weekly. A task that has to be performed monthly can be configured to repeat on the first Monday of every month.