Preparing for the New Mail system

As we prepare for the upcoming email system change, Let’s remember that the best things we can do are:

  • Stop panicking
  • Delete all mail that isn’t necessary from your Lotus Notes Email (Believe me, it’s there) I’ve reduced my email account size by half over the last couple weeks. I’m far from done, but I realized that there is a lot of senseless junk out there.
  • Stop panicking
  • Visit your account on the new email system to start familiarizing yourself with the interface. It’s an excellent product and I expect it to more than meet our needs. The interface is at
  • On the Eppley intranet ( ) there is a link to Outlook Web Help which gives tons of helpful information about using the new mail system, or you can get directly to the help pages here: ttp://
  • Stop panicking
  • Don’t shoot the messenger. Collectively, all of us have been wishing to get rid of Lotus Notes for years. Here’s our chance to embrace a great new email product 🙂
  • Did I mention Stop panicking ?

After you’ve familiarized yourself with the new account, look at whether there are some emails you still need to keep a record of. Keep in mind that email was not ever meant to be a file cabinet and it still is no substitute for one. If some emails are found that need to be kept, you can forward them from your notes account to your exchange account. We will share directions for this later as the instructions will change as the go-live date approaches.

Please keep in mind that Wally and I are not email administrators and that we’ve only had the new email system for a couple of days too. We don’t know all the answers yet. Please wait until you hear the answers from us if there is a doubt.

For example: Campus is telling users that they cannot use multiple calendars with OWA. This is not true and we are still trying to get campus to properly support the new email system instead of making it a royal pain like Lotus Notes.

Campus is also telling users there will be a new icon for outlook appearing on their desktops. In the event that icon appears, don’t use it. We are not supporting email that way at Eppley.

Further, don’t try to setup Office Outlook, Outlook Express, etc. as that’s working contrary to our plan to have everyone working efficiently.  It may also, change your system defaults so it no longer opens lotus notes when you click on an email address.

In the event that AFTER using our system for two weeks, you feel there is something that requires a change. You may submit your justification to see if there is a way your issue can be resolved.

It’s taken 15 years to learn to do things the way they are now. Let’s give the new system an honest effort. By utilizing the OWA for our email system, our email will be available everywhere on almost any computer with the same interface. This will make it much easier for you and us as we move forward.


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