Logging into the email system from off campus or using the guest wireless network.

Just a little more info here on what you will see if you use the email system in this manner.

The link to log in is https://secure.unmc.edu/unmc and although it seems contradictory this is one place you don’t need UNMC_DOMAIN in front of your name to log in.

Once you’ve filled in your username and password and picked UNMC-Restrict from the pull down menu, sign in.


You’ll get a screen that looks a lot like this one.  You can see there’s a link to go to the mail system and you shouldn’t even have to log in a second time to get there.

After that it should look and behave the same way as the OWA does from on campus.


As always, you can get to the email system right from the front page of the blog: http://help.eppleyits.com