Addressing Emails

There have been some questions regarding the easiest way to address an email. ┬áSo far, this is what we’ve observed:

  • When you start to type the name of anyone you’ve emailed before, it pops up and shows you their address
  • When you want to send to someone who’s in the global address book (campus) you can type thier name like Hamid Band and move on. When you send the message it looks them up and tells you only if it finds more than one Hamid Band or if there are none. Otherwise it send the mail to Hamid. Next time you send to Hamid, it automatically tells you his address when you start typing.
  • You can, if you are unsure of the full name, etc, click on the To and type the part of the name you know and click the magnifying glass to look them up.

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