Making a shortcut to the NMR Data Folder

There are many times working with an enterprise network, when it’s beneficial or necessary to make a shortcut to a network resource on your desktop. ┬áCommon examples of this would be a shortcut to a lab folder or a shared application like Prism.

To make a new shortcut or link:

right click shortcut

Create a new link on your desktop by right-clicking an empty spot and then choose new, then shortcut.

In the box that says, Type the location of the item, enter the full path to where you NMR data is stored. The paths are listed below.

The Paths to the NMR Data are:
400 Data

500 Data

600 Data

After you hit next, it asks for a name for the shortcut, which you can leave alone unless you have a name that works better for you.

Then click finish