How to make a link in an email

Making a plain link is easy as all you have to do is type the link and the email program recognizes it for what it is, BUT what if you want to make a link that doesn’t have the same name as the link.

For example, when we say click here, we want you to see and click on the word here and have it take you to somewhere else, like a web page.

No problem at all.  Just type the text you want to have visible and then select it with the mouse, like this:linkhere

Then use the pull down menu to the right of the other formatting to choose the Link icon:


The insert link dialogue pops up.  insertEnter the address of where you would like the email recipient to go when they click on your link.  For example.. to visit the help blog.filledin

Then just hit OK and your link, click here will be complete


FYI-for those who are used to creating links with a keyboard shortcut, they also work here.


Don’t pull out that flash drive yet!

On both PC and Mac computers there is a safe way to may sure you don’t corrupt your data..  PC instructions here from Microsoft:


Safely remove devices from your computer

If you unplug a storage device or removable drive from your computer while it’s transferring or saving information, you might risk losing some information. Windows provides a way to help you safely remove such devices.

Most USB devices can safely be unplugged and removed. When unplugging storage devices, such as USB flash drives or external hard drives, make sure that the computer has finished saving any information to the device before removing it. If the device has a small light that shows when it’s use, wait a few seconds after the light has finished flashing before unplugging it.

If you see the Safely Remove Hardware icon Picture of the Safely Remove Hardware icon in the notification area, at the far right of the taskbar, you can use this as an indication that your devices have finished all operations in progress and are ready to be removed. If you don’t see the Safely Remove Hardware icon, click the Show hidden icons button to display all icons in the notification area.
Picture of the notification area
The notification area, at the far right of the taskbar
To safely remove a certain device, click the Safely Remove Hardware icon Picture of the Safely Remove Hardware icon, and then, in the list of devices, click the device that you want to remove. Windows will display a notification telling you it’s safe to remove the device.

On a Mac, right click the drive and chose eject, OR drag the drive to the trash.  It is in the menu if the drive is selected also, as shown here:




Where are my folders?

Folders you created in the previous version of the outlook web app are still there.  A couple lines below your inbox should be  a link that says More.more

Click on that and it will show your full inbox below with the subfolders inside.

expanded The inbox that you see at the top is only the inbox itself and doesn’t show the subfolders.


New scams and Phishing alerts – Apple store

If you get an email receipt for purchases you made at the iTunes/Apple store and you didn’t make a purchase…delete it.  It’s a phishing scam.  If you click on the

If you haven’t authorized this transaction ,click the link below to get full refund

Go to the Help Centre at: http:/

It does not take you to Apple even though the page looks like Apple.  They are trying to steal your ID and password.


PowerPoint and Display Sizes


For some other considerations re screen choices you can visit RichterScale’s article here.

In order to make your slides fit the device you are presenting on and eliminate letterboxing issues like the ones shown here, you need to change the ratio of height to width on the slides to an appropriate value.  Changing this setting before putting a presentation together would save labor obviously but it isn’t always possible to know ahead of time where a presentation is going to be used.

Widescreen devices are typically 16:9 including most newer TV’s and projectors.  1080p (1920×1080) is a popular size and simple math tells us that it is a 6:9 format

1920 / 16 * 9 = 1080

Other devices, such as older projectors and televisions are still in the older 4:3 ratio.  Many 21″ monitors and most tube type televisions fall into this category.  1600×1200 is popular resolution

1600 / 4 * 3 = 1200

In PowerPoint, you should change your slides to be the proper ratio.  How to do this depends on the version.  In PowerPoint 2013, click the Design tab, slide sizeand over to the right, select Slide Size and you will see the ratio choices.  In older versions, this is found under File, Page Setup instead.   For more tips on using the latest Microsoft office apps, see the guides here.  Help with preparing slides for publication?  See the blog entry here.


Office 365 on your personally owned Devices

Not all apps are available to run on all devices, but here are all the components of Office 365:

office 365 components

office 365 components

For a nice colorful PDF explaining the basics of Office 365 for iPhone and iPad , look here

For campus specific instructions for how to get Office 365 on your personally owned devices of all kinds, go here

Scanning at Eppley

There are a number of multifunction printers and copiers with scanning capability here at Eppley.  Scanning costs nothing and is a fast and efficient way of sending documents from one area to another.  Note:  Proper protocol for scanning to a destination not under your control includes a phone call or email to let the person at that destination know you are sending them a document.  Otherwise, they can hardly be responsible if your scan sits unread.

  • ECI room 2011
    • Konica Bizhub 284e
  • ECI room 2018
    • Xerox MFP-6180
  • ECI room 2020
    • Xerox MFP-6180
  • ECI room 3002
    • HP Pro 200
  • ECI room 3016
    • Xerox MFP-6180
  • DRC 2, room 4066
    • Konica Bizhub 284e

Xerox 6180mfp

On the Xerox Phaser 6180 MFP, to scan:

  1. Select: Scan
  2. Select: Computer network
  3. Select: OK
  4. Select: Scan To
  5. Select: OK
  6. Choose from available destinations: (varies by machine)
    1. Accounting Admin
    2. Secretarial Admin
    3. EPTCTU
    4. etc
  7. Select: Start

Bizhub Icon

On the Konica Bizhub 284e, to scan

  1. Select: Scan Button (bottom left below the touch screen
  2. Select: Destination from address book (varies by machine)
    1. Eppword
    2. Accounting
    3. Barb – HR
  3. Select: Start / Go

HP LJ Pro 200

On the HP Pro 200, to scan

  1. Select: Scan (default destination is already chosen)
  2. Select: Start

Additional network scanning destinations can be added in many cases.  If you have a need for a new scanning destination in your area please contact Bill Goodrich to see if this can be setup.


Dell Diagnostic Lights / LEDs

Common Dell Diagnostic Lights

Below are some of the common Dell diagnostic lights and their codes. You should refer to the Dell support site to find your specific model and their codes.

dell codes

Click the table to view it full size

A B C D — No lights indicates the system is getting no power. You can confirm the outlet is working, but if you are still not getting power, you could have a problem with either the power supply, front switch or the motherboard itself.

A — If only the yellow light is lit, this means the computer is off and receiving power.

A B C – If A B and C are yellow and D Green, this means the BIOS is not running or not finishing (completing its POST).

B — If B is yellow and A C D Green, this means you are having some type of issue with the power supply.

C — If C is yellow and A B D Green  this means you have some type of problem with the motherboard.

A B D Yellow and C Green –This means you could have a problem with your CPU.

A B Yellow and C D Green — This means you have memory installed, but there is a problem with it.